What to Expect

Goodbye My Friend

Phone Consultation

The first step is to contact Goodbye My Friend by phone or email. One of the staff members will be able to make arrangements and answer any questions you may have. If you are not sure if it is time to euthanize your pet, please refer to the How Do I Know It's Time page for further information. We can provide phone consultations as well if you need help deciding. Also, contact your pet's family veterinarian. She/he knows your pet's medical condition and prognosis and may be able to offer valuable insight.


Dr. Jenny will arrive at your home during the scheduled appointment. Once all questions have been answered, Dr. Jenny will complete the required paperwork and receive payment. This allows you not to be bothered about any further details once your pet has passed. A sedative will be administered to your pet to aid in relaxing them as well as relieve any pain or anxiety. Your pet will feel nothing more than a pinprick.

Once the sedative has taken effect and you are ready, an intravenous catheter will be placed (usually in a hind limb) and the euthanasia solution given. The euthanasia solution rapidly causes the pet to lose consciousness. Response to this injection varies between patients. Most will seem to fall asleep peacefully. Breathing stops, and the heart follows minutes later. Your pet will not close her/his eyes. Dr. Jenny will auscultate the heart to confirm that your pet has passed.

Goodbye My Friend
Goodbye My Friend

After Your Pet's Passing

After death, some pets will lose control of their bowels. Others may exhibit muscle twitching or deep breaths (agonal breathing). Please be assured that your pet has passed, and these movements are nothing more than reflexes.


A common question after a pet has passed on is "What happens now?" The decision to euthanize one's pet is hard enough without having to worry about the aftercare of the body as well. The staff at Goodbye My Friend can help you with both aftercare and honoring your pet's life with memorials. Pet Memorial Service provides cremation services. Your pet's body will be handled with both care and respect.

Goodbye My Friend

Communal Cremation

Your pet will be cremated with other pets and the remains scattered. Ashes are not returned.

Private Cremation

Your pet will be individually cremated and returned to you in your choice of urn. Animal Memorial Service offers standard photo urns, decorative urns, laser engraved paw prints, and custom jewelry options.

Home Burial

Many owners will opt to bury their pets at home. Please refer to your municipal city code for details. This is illegal in some cities.